"God gave the angels wings, and he gave humans chocolate."

Luxury handmade chocolate truffles created from the finest European chocolates with a high cocoa content and 100% natural ingredients.

Made without preservatives, essences and additives, no added sugar.

We dedicated to offering decadent treats that are health food and delectable.

Chocomaniac truffles is elegantly delicious, velvety smooth, silky and sensuous.

We make all my truffles daily, completely by hand, in small batches and using fresh ingredients to assure you of getting the freshest and mouthwatering treats ever. 


Our mission to create only the highest quality chocolate products that are fresh, healthy, delicious and beautiful.

Entice your palate with a delicious assortment of Chocomaniac truffles
Make someone happy with a box of these pretty artisan chocolates.